Update Your Home's Wiring

Update Your Home's Wiring

Get help rewiring a house in Niagara Falls or Buffalo, NY

Are you planning on adding a new appliance in your kitchen? Do you need to set up the wiring for a custom home? Whenever you need electrical services, turn to DC Electric of WNY Inc. in Niagara Falls or Buffalo, NY. Whether you're adding a hot tub or completely rewiring a house, we have the knowledge and equipment to take care of it. Once our work is finished, your home's wiring will be up to code.

Schedule electrical repairs today.

How to tell if you need electrical repairs

Malfunctioning electrical equipment can be dangerous, so you shouldn't wait to get electrical repairs. Reach out to us if:

  • An outlet doesn't provide power
  • Your light switches shock you
  • Your appliances aren't working correctly

You can also trust us to remove or replace aluminum wiring to make your home safer. If you have any questions about rewiring a house, call us today at 716-870-5439.